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W & W Danley Electric

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Electrical Services

Residential Services

Remove fuse panels.
Service upgrades, new circuit brakers panels.
Expert troubleshooting and repair services.
Installation and repair of smoke detectors.
New lines and hook ups for appliances such as air conditioners, electric ranges, washers, dryers, microwaves etc.
Install new receptors and switches.
Remove bad wiring and code violations.
Expert removal and replacement of knob and tube wiring in older homes.
Rewiring of older homes.
Install electric heat.
Home additions and remodeling kitches, baths, etc.
Insurance Repairs.
Wiring Inspections.

Commercial and Industrial Services

Bonding and grounding.
Testing and certifications for commercial, institutional and municipal buildings - serving all of NJ.
Swiming decks as mandated by the state of New Jersey.
Wiring for commercial pools, filter pumps, motors, controls, lighting protection, cut concrete pool decks, install new bonding and grounding wiring.
(Note: we don't wire or repair residential swimming pools).
"Cummins-Onan" back up emergency generators for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.
Connecting temporary portable generators to buildings after storms to allow businesses to operate.
Wiring for commercial refrigerator systems, coolers and freezers.
Lighting maintenance and repairs. Lighting upgrades,  flourescent lighting,  HID lighting and LED lighting.
Power upgrades and new services, meters panel boards and new electrical distribution equipement.
Electric motor and control wiring.
New wiring for industrial machines and equipment.
Parking lot lighting and maintenance.
Bucket truck services.
Electric motors-phase and voltage protection.
Repair and replace exit lighting, emergency lighting, etc to correct violations.
Wiring for all typesof commercial and industrial air compressors.
Wiring for all types of heating and air condition systems.
Power and communication wiring for computer systems.
Uninterrupted power suppliers and back up systems for computer rooms and computer systems.
Complete electrical services for property management companies.

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